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Being a creative can be a lonely experience. Your parents want you to have a safe "normal" job, your friends are stuck in a boring 9-5, but you feel a calling for MORE. More freedom, more time, more fulfillment, and more money. Imagine waking up in exotic locations, working with clients who inspire you, and earning more from a single photoshoot than you ever thought possible. 

I made the jump to freelance photography full time and haven't regretted it a single day since. With over 8 years working in the fashion industry as a marketing manager, stylist, and photographer, I am slowly working on a course filling it's pages with every secret, mistake, and new lesson I learn. Inside you will not only gain the skills on how to capture breathtaking images, but also how to find your unique artistic voice, create a portfolio that stands out from the crowd, and so much more. Discover the industry's best-kept secrets, unlock the power of visual storytelling, and develop a winning business strategy that will transform your passion into a successful career.

But it doesn't stop there. I truly think one key ingredient to success is community. There are power in numbers and I have found so much comfort, joy, and growth from meeting like-minded creatives around the world.  That is why I will be teaming up with some of my closest friends and creatives in the future to bring you curated dinners, workshops, and retreats across the globe - starting in Los Angeles, Sydney, and Paris.


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